94 per cent fact

In a study performed by American Express Canada of 1,000 consumers, 94 percent of Canadians share their experiences (negative or positive) with their networks, either personal or professional. That’s why it so important to cultivate positive experiences for everyone who interacts with your brand.

In our personal network, we are developing one-on-one relationships. As brands and communicators, we’re courting the world. With every sale, service and tweet, we’re impacting our reputation and whether it is positive or negative depends on what people share with others.

Here are 5 tips to help you build positive word-of-mouth:

  1. Be social. Always be cognizant that at the other end of a keyboard, or service line, is another human being. This applies on social media and in how your teams serve the public. The golden rule applies: treat others as your wish to be treated.
  2. Be respectful at all times. This should go without saying, but short deadlines and even shorter fuses prevail too often. This starts with having a process in place to respond to your audience and by being honest about the level of service you can provide. You need to maintain the public’s level of expectation.

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  1. Measure, measure, measure. Begin with a goal in mind and build your strategy around that goal’s metric. For instance, if you want more followers on social media or leads from a specific region, you have to track your efforts to really be able to assess whether you are meeting your end goal. If not, adjust your tactic. Measurement allows you to know you are getting the most out of your efforts and resources as possible.
  2. Make your activities repeatable. One-off wins are great, and necessary on a short deadline, but you should strive for campaigns that can be repeated. Plan your engagements and activities in advance based on your goals, launch the campaign and evaluate the results. If you can duplicate the format for your next campaign, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of time. Test, measure and repeat.
  3. Build, and strive to maintain, solid credibility.  Begin with a thought leadership program that highlights leaders in your organization and puts their knowledge in front of the brand. Don’t forget about your day-to-day engagement though too! Provide your community managers and CSR teams with a verified FAQ on the brand and all campaigns that you distribute. This is what gives you a solid foundation as you build your brand value and in turn, credibility with your customers and in the marketplace.

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James Rubec is a data geek, a former public relations lead and journalist with a love of content and advocacy. Ask him anything @JamesRRubec and be sure to follow @Cision_Canada

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