A study by 3M found that 90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is from visual cues. This illustrates the importance of using video to connect your business with customers, team members and the media.
Last week our SVP of Digital Content Heidi Sullivan and PR News Group Editor Matthew Schwartz hosted a webinar about creating and distributing appealing video content. Here are four video types that can boost brand awareness.

1. How To.

Basic instructional videos are powerful tools for internal and external purposes. By providing step-by-step demos of your products or walkthroughs of services on your website’s client support pages, you can minimize taxing customer service teams with FAQs that can effectively be explained through technology. These videos are easy to produce and inexpensive using tools like Screencastify, which allow you to record your desktop activity while capturing a voice recording simultaneously.

2. Executive Updates.

These videos show how your business leaders look and sound on camera and offer a personal touch to your brand. Consider shooting videos for product launches, employee onboarding, financial updates, corporate anniversaries and holiday greetings.

“You want to avoid having just talking heads on your videos … We’re accustomed to story,” said Schwartz. “A lot of videos are just of executives talking saying that ‘Everything is great about the company.’ You should add some character to your pieces.”

As a bonus, your executives get practice in front of the camera to prepare them for future press opportunities.

3. Office Walkthrough.

A walkthrough gives a job seeker a better sense of your company’s culture, which can convert them from seekers to applicants.“Videos appeal to the head and the heart,” said Schwartz.

The copy on your website or in job descriptions will appeal to the analytical parts of our brain, whereas video appeals to the more creative, emotional-response regions. Using both, with a call-to-action at the end, will create the most effective tool for your recruitment teams.

4. Brand overview.

Every business should have a video boilerplate to quickly unpack the purpose of the brand. Highlight the unique products or services your business offers to illustrate why potential customers should want to work with you. This can also supplement the how-to video as a valuable training tool for new team members and serve as a basis for their elevator pitch when talking to clients.

“We don’t just want our clients to watch a video, we want to them to take action,” explained Sullivan.

According to a study by Quicksprout, customers who view a video about a product or company are 64 per cent more likely to buy than those who haven’t.

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