About Mira Blumenthal

Mira is a Marketing Associate at Cision Canada where she creates, curates and collects content. Mira is a self-proclaimed literature, art history, and social media nerd who loves coffee, oxford commas, beautiful design, and all things floral.

5 Buzzworthy Canadian Food Bloggers

The “foodie” craze has been around for a while, but it’s still as prominent as ever. Whether or not your […]

What if PR Stood for People & Relationships? [E-book]

We teamed up with Brian Solis and Gapingvoid Art to explore how relationships are at the core of PR and […]

#PRLife, according to Huey Lewis and the News

It’s hard being in PR, Buzzfeed knows it, and so does Huey Lewis & The News 🙂 See what tracks […]

Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Relationships with the Media

Spreadsheets are just like anything else. No matter how awesome something is – whether it’s chocolate or Benedict Cumberbatch – […]

10 Things Confident Public Speakers Do

Have a speaking engagement in 2015? Download this tip sheet and give you 2015 presentations a boost. Get valuable pointers […]

Bloggers to Engage with Over the Holidays

Need more coverage for your holiday campaign? We’ve put together a list of active Canadian influencers that can help to […]

Managing a Retail Client? Get Continuous Media Coverage Into the New Year

If you’re managing a retail client this holiday season, we bet you’re thinking about media coverage. Engage with this list […]

Get Your Brand’s Media Coverage on Your Website

Stop losing time updating your website Life in public relations is busy. Really busy. That’s why your time is too […]

State of the PR Nation: Where the Industry is Going And What You Need to Do to Keep Up [video]

It’s well known that PR pros always need to be on their toes. As content strategies and media relations continue […]

How To Find Top Influencers In Your Industry [slideshow]

A recent Technorati Media report explains: “For everything the media spends across social platforms, the most desired influencers aren’t even […]

5 Canadian Influencer Campaigns That Rock

Target and Poppytalk Target Canada recently teamed up with Vancouver bloggers and husband and wife team Jan and Earl of […]

PR Life: How to Dress Like a Publicist

This post was originally published on July 4th 2014 on Rock-It Promotion’s blog, On the Fourth Floor There is never a […]

How to Get ROI from Your Blogger – The Influencers with Erica Ehm (Part 3)

Get pointers for creating content with a twist in Part 3 of The Influencers with Erica Ehm. Hear how […]

Don’t Call Me a Mommy Blogger! – The Influencers with Erica Ehm (Part 1)

From rocking out on Much Music to reaching Canadian moms online, Erica Ehm has covered it all. In this episode […]

Communicators Love: Vote for Your Favourites!

Help us pick the winners! So many great tweets came in for our Communicators Love Giveaway that we need your help […]

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