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Infographic: How Can You Slay Trolls?

Brand crises take many forms. And while no crisis is enviable, brand trolls can be some of the most annoying […]

How to Generate Coverage From Conferences

All brands want mentions in trusted third-party media outlets. But are you even investing in long-term strategies that will help you get them? While media is fast-paced and social has sped up the way we consume news, sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look at the larger picture. What are you already doing to establish thought leadership and build brand awareness?

PR 101: How to Pitch The New York Times

Cision’s Media Research team reaches out to thousands of journalists each day in an effort to enhance our knowledge base. […]

3 Valuable Lessons From the B2B Marketing Forum

For B2B marketers, the struggle is real. Presenting our products in a fun and sexy way sometimes doesn’t come as easily […]

Top 10 African Travel Blogs

Siergiej Miloczkin and Hanna Oksanen contributed to this post. This week’s Top 10 has gone international! Using Cision’s media database and […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Press Release

R professionals have seen their go-to tools and tactics change, especially over the past few years. Gone are the days of fax machines.

How to Distribute & Promote Your Podcast

Podcasting has slowly but steadily become more popular. Five years ago, podcasts had approximately 25 million unique monthly listeners. Now, […]

Live Streaming Best Practices

Meerkat and Periscope have had over 1.5 million live streams since their launch in March. Video streaming is growing fast, […]

Proof Positive Part 3: How to Handle Public Apologies

In the first two installments of our Proof Positive series we looked at the consequences of negative language and preventing […]

The Real Winners of the JUNO Awards

Last month’s JUNO Awards had Canada’s top musicians vying for the coveted statues. While record sales and a predetermined governing […]

How to Make Your PR Campaigns Come to Life

We partnered with content marketing and communications specialist Martin Waxman, president of Martin Waxman Communications, to investigate the way storytelling–and sharing–has […]