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James Rubec is a data geek, a former public relations lead and journalist with a love of content and advocacy. Ask him anything @JamesRRubec and be sure to follow @Cision_Canada

PR Attribution Has No Silver Bullet

Werewolves, vampires, ghosts and goblins all have one thing in common — they are fantasies and when brought into the light of day most of them will turn to dust.

How a Brand’s Position Can Drive Disruption

At the core of any product should be three things; the customer, the offering and the brand. If any one […]

PR Success Should Be Measured by Outcomes

Hits, reach, placements — all of these are interesting metrics but they aren’t what determines whether a media campaign has […]

No, Advertising is not Dead

Advertising continuously renews itself. The difference today is that it will be audiences and influencers who disseminate those messages opposed to direct display advertising.

Preventing PR Nightmares with Customer Insights

Airline brand executives are moving towards delivering better customer experiences. Here's how you can do the same.

Personalization & the PR Experience

  When brands talk about experience, they are often referring to the customer or user experience. But what about the […]

How Does Listening Improve Your Brand’s Marketing Communications?

  Your phone, its apps and your favorite brands are listening to you right now, whether you know it or […]

The Role of Emotion in PR

Brands know that emotions are powerful motivators and an emotional campaign can heavily influence buyer behavior. Brands that shy away from emotion as a motivator are fighting with one hand tied behind their backs.

How to Monitor An Entire Industry

Monitoring a whole industry is a natural expansion of your own brand tracking. Instead of just looking out for keywords or themes that include your company and its initiatives, you track what’s being said about your competitors, suppliers and other associated businesses.

BuzzFeed and VICE Don’t Need Mainstream Credibility

Last night, the Canadian Federation of Journalists held its first J-Talk panel since the election of Donald Trump at the TMX Broadcast Centre in Toronto. Between exhortations about the state of society, the three panellists, Jennifer Hollett, head of news and government at Twitter Canada, Craig Silverman, editor at BuzzFeed Canada, and Michael Gruzuk, director of news and digital content for VICE Canada (as well as host Simon Houpt, the Globe and Mail’s senior media writer), shared insights into businesses that a decade ago were pilloried as the D word ... disruptive.

How Influential are Presidential Debates?

Hillary Clinton has gained an estimated 5 – 7-points on Donald Trump in the days and weeks after the first two debates. That’s nigh unprecedented. Polling isn’t in yet from the third debate, but Cision has conducted an post-debate analysis that shows how good the debate may have been for the former Secretary of State.

Disclose or Get Fined: Canadian Influencer Marketing

Bloggers, vloggers, Instagram superstars and beyond, if you are being paid in either product or cash for your posts by a brand, you might be breaking Canadian law.

Is Your Brand Using Consumer Data Effectively?

Privacy is an illusion. That is as long as you use a smartphone for much more than taking notes and […]

Selling Video as a Communications Medium

Niche content in any format will outperform broader messaging within that niche. Learn how to sell video to your team and create outstanding content that drives awareness and changes perceptions.

ROI for Communications Pros Part 1: CRM Tools

Leads alone mean nothing if you can’t turn them to sales. You might as well be talking about a city in the English county of Yorkshire. What leaders need to know about is revenue, return on investment (ROI)and which campaigns converted to generate both.

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