About Jeff Vanderby

Jeffrey Vanderby is Cision’s Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Global Markets, helping to define product positioning and messaging for Cision Comms Clouds and other Cision products in Canada and the UK. Previously, he has worked in the Print and Film & Television industries. Connect with him at jeffrey.vanderby at or on LinkedIn (

Is ESG Here To Stay?

Plan a meeting with your C-Suite during the corporate strategy sessions, introduce situations that can arise and discuss how the team responds.

How a Newswire Prepares for an Emerging Industry

To connect the dots between cannabis company news and the media and other relevant influencers, here are some of the things Cision has done to prepare for the cannabis industry.

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Last month, I moderated a panel discussion at the Canadian Investor Relations Institute’s 31st Annual Investor Relations Conference that explored the unique challenges facing companies joining the emerging Cannabis industry.

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It’s always great to be the one at the table who’s got the answers. The one who, when asked “Which […]