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How the Associated Press Fights Fake News on Facebook and Everywhere Else!

Information is everywhere. How is the average news consumer supposed to separate fact from fiction? That’s where the Associated Press steps in.

Why Content Marketers Should Focus on Product Benefits

If I could pinpoint one major mistake that tons of brands make in regards to their web copy and marketing […]

Four Earnings Release Don’ts

Corporate communications professionals can learn from past earnings release pitfalls we’ve seen companies fall into, and help ensure a smooth earnings day next quarter.

Creating a Successful Content Hub in Five Steps

To get the most mileage out of our PR content, it's important to create a content hub that's been strategically planned. Here's how to do it.

What Spin Sucks Learned About Independent PR Pros

As public relations professionals, we’re dealing with industry data every day, using it to help our clients or executives make […]

Set Yourself Up for Earned Media Success by Better Targeting Your Outreach

Brand leaders must refine their focus and better target their outreach to influencers if they expect better results with their earned media campaigns.

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