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Three Ways to Get the Masses to Take Your PR Content Seriously

The “masses” are a fascinating bunch. We live in a time when humans are exposed to an overwhelming barrage of […]

Four Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

When Nelson Mandela passed away in 2013, he left behind a legacy of wisdom and positive change around the world. […]

Marketing to Your Advantage: Bringing Innovation to the Forefront

I was at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, an event of overwhelming size and scale. Everyone there wanted […]

Want Better Crisis Management? Media Monitoring Can Help

Almost every brand goes through a phase when its reputation is at stake. While it takes years to garner goodwill […]

Five PR Tips for Handling Security Disasters in Your Organization

According to data from the World Economic Forum, on average, more than 25 per cent of a company’s market value […]

Three Skills Every PR Specialist Should Master

In many ways, the “PR specialist” has to play the role of a Swiss Army knife in business communications. Getting […]

Four Distribution Tactics to Use to Keep Your Content From Going Nowhere

Successful marketing depends on high-quality content, but you can’t create content without a distribution strategy and expect great results. When […]

Three Content Marketing Lessons That Will Improve Your PR Strategy

When you think of traditional PR, what do you picture? If you’re like me, you might imagine someone filling in […]

How to Master Livestream Q&A for Better Engagement

Incorporating live video into your marketing mix has proven to be an excellent way to reach customers on a more […]

How to Use Data-Backed Storytelling to Improve Your PR Efforts

It’s safe to say that nearly every business seeks to be more data-driven these days. Being able to back up […]

PR in the Age of NewsBots: a Pitched Battle

In the (uncomfortably) near future, a far greater portion of news stories — the recap of yesterday’s game, the earnings […]

Influencers vs. Opinion Leaders: Whom to Trust?

Do influencers still influence anyone in 2018? Who are “influencers,” after all? What makes them different from “opinion leaders?” Although […]

A New PR Paradigm: The Secret of Owned Media

PR agency websites (mine included) brandish the logos of earned media placements as evidence of an agency’s prowess. Want in […]

Five Tips for Nailing B2B Media Relations

It would be a mistake to lump B2B media relations in with general PR practices; simply because it is so […]

Three Ways to Build a Purpose-Driven Communication Strategy

Brands used to live very much in the material realm. All they had to worry about was the product. If […]

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