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Bread Smoothie, Anyone?

By Molara Awosedo, @OHMolara When you think of Dempsters bread, fruit smoothies certainly don’t come to mind. However, a new […]

New Canadian Icon? ‘The Priestley’ Doughnut

By Niki Singh, @nikisingh A Timbit covered in jam and baked into a doughnut – sounds like an Epic Meal […]

The State of Travel Blogging 2013

Make travel bloggers part of your influencer outreach strategy. According to a survey conducted by travel company FHR, 91 per […]

Browser Extensions for PR Pros

We know time is of the essence and these browser extensions can help you take back some extra minutes and […]

Joy McCarthy Shares Her Healthy Influence with Joyous Health [Video]

Learn how Joy McCarthy turned a healthy-living blog into a booming business through earned media. Practicing what she preaches with […]

Hip and Urban Girl – Blogging for the Busy City Girl [Video]

What do Coldplay, the National Ballet and a Spanish bullfight have in common? This episode of The Influencers finds out, […]

The Women of Influence [Video]

Highlights from our Social Media Ref event: The Women of Influence Panelists: Charmain Emerson, VP Marketing, French Connection Canada, @FCUKCA Jen […]

Canuck Style! Samsung brings Psy to Canada

By Niki Singh, @nikisingh South Korean pop sensation Psy of “Gangnam Style” fame is coming to Canada. Samsung Canada is […]

The Changing Nature of Influence [Video]

Highlights from our Social Media Ref event: The Changing Nature of Influence. Panelists: Matt Juniper– Senior Account Executive, Praxis PR, @mattjuniper […]

Teaching CP as an Employable Skill – Centennial College [Video]

He’s known as @Toronto_PR_Guy, on twitter, but to his students, he’s one bustling PR professor. Barry Waite is the Program Coordinator […]

October 25 event: Changing Nature of Influence

The definition of who can be an influencer has changed but not the definition of what an influencer is. They […]

Gen Y and Sharing Brand Content

What gets shared on social networks? Does content need to be ‘funny’ in order to get engagement? Our social media […]

What can Brands do to get More Engagement with Gen Y?

Is being authentic enough for Gen Y? Or do brands need to do more? Our social media ref panelists weigh […]

Balancing Selling and Content on Digital Channels

What is the website for anymore? How do you balance selling and creating content on digital properties? Our social media […]

Engaging Gen Y: Social Media Ref Takeaways

Want to hear some of the highlights of the Gen Y social media ref?  Watch the video below: Panelists: Jodie […]

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