Your audience is exposed to 362 ads each day but notes only about 42 percent of those. And who knows how many of those actually make an impact?PESO_TS-09

That’s why nearly every brand relies on media coverage and content marketing. But have you seen your Twitter feed lately? There’s more great content than you can handle, and your target audience feels the same way. So how can you make an impact in a content-cluttered world?

Extend your content’s reach and make it a priority for readers through influencer marketing that relies on a combination of paid, earned, shared and owned media: the PESO model.

What Is PESO?

Developed by Gini Dietrich, author of “Spin Sucks” and CEO of Arment Dietrich Inc., the PESO model integrates the following four media types:

PESO_TS-02Paid: Anytime you spend money to get your message in front of your audience. Examples include social media advertising, email marketing, sponsored posts and native advertising.

Earned: Often referred to as publicity or coverage, earned media includes branded mentions by a media outlet, journalist, social media influencer or blogger.

Shared: This is where your social media channels come into play. Often a result of earned or paid media, shared media includes retweets, shares, likes and more.

Owned: This is the content you create and control, including your website, blog, white papers and webinars.

“Where most companies struggle most is combining all four elements of the PESO model,” says Heidi Sullivan, senior vice president, product at Cision. “But integration is where you see success.”

Third parties, such as Cision’s Global Analysts, use assessments of traditional and social media to help brands develop integrated communication strategies that correctly balance the right amount of each medium based on brands’ individual needs.

The Rise of Influencer MarketingPESO_TS-03

Influencers are like lifeguards, supervising the safety of consumers swimming in the overcrowded content sea. They build the trust needed to convince consumers that you’re worth their valuable time.

Not only can influencers increase your conversion rates and produce an average ROI of $6 for every dollar invested, 72 percent share additional posts outside of their paid agreements with brands.

Paid Media

You’re not the only brand seeking to form partnerships with influencers, but you can become the chosen one if your outreach efforts are focused and personalized. Paid media will help you get there by driving awareness of your brand.

PESO_TS-07Use these tips when deploying paid media:

  • Rely on a robust media database to send targeted messaging to the right influencers on their preferred platforms with sponsored posts and ads.
  • Influencers may not always be looking for you to give them exposure. They may also be looking for opportunities to advance their careers and expand their knowledge.
  • Take Ian Greenleigh’s “Social Media Side Door” approach by targeting influencers with social media ads. In your ads, showcase your expertise, promote your content and include a clear call to action.
  • Drive more brand exposure and traffic through content syndication and promote your content on sites your audience is already visiting.

“No matter which options you choose, be transparent about what you’re doing,” says Sullivan. “Make sure you’re disclosing whether or not your offer is paid.”

How to leverage paid media in a PESO model:


Earned Media

Once you’ve created your media list and established relationships with key influencers, you can reach out to them to get involved with your brand.

PESO_TS-08Use these tips to get and leverage earned media:

  • Don’t limit yourself to the big players in your industry. Consider micro-influencers and advocates as well. These influencers may have a smaller following, but if their following is engaged, they will be more valuable to your brand.
  • Half the battle is knowing where your target influencers are looking for opportunities. Having the data, tools and expertise from Cision Global Insights helps brands target the most influential personalities and provides analysis to inform the creation of successful campaign strategies.
  • Employ traditional media relations best practices when making the ask. Be specific and have a clear call to action.
  • Establish your goals and set expectations right away. Make sure the influencer knows exactly what they are getting involved in.
  • Once you’ve achieved earned media, you can leverage that coverage to gain even more publicity.

How to leverage earned media in a PESO model:


Shared Media

The biggest key to successful shared media relies on how strong your relationships are. This takes time, authentic outreach and consistent engagement.

PESO_TS-05Use these tips to generate shared media:

  • Get on your targeted influencers’ radars by commenting on their posts, sharing their work and engaging them on the channels they use most. Once you make your brand known to them, they will be more likely to comment on and share your own content.
  • Ensure you provide influencers with tracked links and appropriate hashtags to track the impact their contributions have on your overall campaign.
  • Monitor social channels with advanced listening tools to unearth consumer insights based on your target audience’s perceptions and perspectives. You will see who is sharing, where they are engaged and what content makes the most impact.
  • Transform social users into brand advocates by liking organic shares and thanking followers for sharing your posts.

Social media is not the end-all-be-all of any strategy, but it definitely gets conversations to spread like wildfire. And the only way to keep the fire burning is to consistently engage with influencers and your target audience.

How to leverage shared media in a PESO model:


Owned Media

If you want people to pay attention, you need to create the content your audience wants and that influencers want to share or talk about.

PESO_TS-06Use these tips to create standout owned media:

  • Use your media database, follow influencers’ social media accounts and take an interest in their work to find out what topics and types of content interest them.
  • With advanced social listening tools that provide insights into consumer behavior, you can inform future campaigns and content creation strategies.  
  • Consider offering an influencer exclusive access to your content as an incentive to partner with your brand. For example, if you’ve done original research on a trending topic, pitch the influencer the exclusive opportunity to use the information.
  • Get influencers involved in your content creation process by inviting them to write a guest post for your blog or host a webinar with your brand.
  • Think about how you can continue the story in other ways. You can promote content on social, send out a press release, create a paid campaign around it or pitch it to reporters.

How to leverage owned media in a PESO model:


To get the most from your influencer marketing, you need to have the right balance of paid, earned, shared and owned media. With Cision Global Insights, you get the data, tools and expertise you need to develop a customized strategy that will meet your brand’s needs.

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