Filtering Your Monitored Coverage

By Robert Antolin, @robertantolin

You have started your monitoring services, and news has started flowing into your CisionPoint account. Now that you have begun to receive your content, the next step in optimizing your workflow is to learn how to effectively sort through the news clippings you receive.

CisionPoint has a variety of filters to help you narrow down your coverage and find exactly what need.

Date is a crucial variable in your monitoring. The date filter is always visible at the top of your CisionPoint coverage tab, and it can easily be adjusted by clicking on the date bar. Once you select the date bar, the options will expand for you to set your filters.

CisionPoint allows you to customize the date range of your coverage. There are two filter types under date. These date distinctions are important since community newspapers and magazines are processed by our editors before they are delivered to you.

Publication Date: Represents when the coverage was printed or broadcast by the publisher.

Date Received: Filters content by the day that Cision delivers your coverage.

Within your coverage view, you can also add your choice of filters to the interface by selecting the “add filter” option at the top right-hand corner. Here are my personal favourites:

Media Type: Allows you to easily locate your coverage based on the medium in which it was published or broadcast.

Subscription: Allows you to sort through content based on the monitoring folders you have set with your Cision monitoring order.

Text Search: Allows you to search for a string of text within your media hits, making it easy to search for a specific outlet, article or program title. It also lets you search the full text that is included with your monitoring summaries.

Monitor Tags: Lets you search through any tags you may have assigned to your coverage, including custom monitor tags, companies, products and user-assigned tonality.

Purchased Broadcast: Allows you to easily find radio and television clips ordered through CisionPoint. We recommend you download all clips you order within a month. Due to copyright restrictions, CisionPoint can only host the clips online for a limited time.

Location: Allows you to limit your displayed coverage to a specific city, province or country. It’s a great tool if you are trying to find coverage from a specific region.

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