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Your Press Release is Your Story

Editor’s Note: This post from 5/24/17 was updated on 6/5/18.   In her collection Mystery and Manner, essayist and short story writer […]

Three Press Release Templates to Power PR & Content Marketing

Although the press release is a tried-and-true tactic for brand communications, there’s much more to writing and distributing one than meets the eye.

Four Ways to Get Your PR Content Noticed

In just the sixty seconds it will take you to read the first couple of paragraphs of this post, an […]

PR Pros Key Takeaways from Cision’s 2018 State of the Media Report

You can still pick up a phone and call a journalist, or send a direct message on social platforms like Twitter, […]

Five Ways to Improve your Brand’s Visual Content on Instagram

As Instagram becomes one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms, it's essential as a marketing tool for businesses.

The Nine Qualities of a Great PR Pro

Many people claim to be great at PR, but not everyone truly is. Genuinely talented PR pros have a few […]

What Journalists Look for in a Good Press Release

To produce a strong press release that gets the attention of journalists, comms pros need to understand the important parts of a useful press release.

Beyond Your Brand’s Media Coverage: What You Need to Monitor

As all PR pros know, monitoring media coverage is important. When we think of traditional media monitoring, we often think […]

Research Shows Journalists Want More Multimedia from PR Pros

With print becoming less important to audiences, telling stories in more visual ways is critical – and public relations professionals can help.

Why PR and Marketing Must Give Audiences New Kinds of Content

People are consuming content in various ways these days. It’s time to give people what they want where they want it.

How Purpose-Driven Businesses Attract Consumers

Interest in socially conscious business has been on the rise over the past decade and is now even more significant […]

Media Monitoring Importance in The Wake of #MeToo And #TimesUp

If you’ve watched the news, checked your Twitter stream or read your newsfeed in the past few months, you’ve surely […]

Why Influencer Marketing is Crucial to Event Promotion

Before making an important decision in your life, who do you go to for advice? It’s probably your partner, family […]

Brands Must Do Their Part to Protect Freedom of the Press

Sixty-nine per cent of  Canadian journalists and influencers think the public has lost trust in them, according to the recently […]

Struggling With Content Personalization? Play Cards Against Humanity

It might sound crazy, but a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity can teach you quite a bit about content […]

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