PR has become a metrics-driven business. Gone are the days where we rely only on AVEs and impressions. Now we can monitor and measure using first-touch attribution.

First-touch attribution refers to the initial step that starts a person on the customer journey, and it’s usually related to PR initiatives. It’s the event promotion, blog post or visual media asset that drives early awareness and concludes with a sale.

Why should we monitor and measure first-touch attributions? Here are three reasons:

  1. It proves value. In the past, last-click attribution was the traditional measuring stick. Today’s technologies allow us to measure other touch points and assign value to all the steps taken along the customer journey.
  2. It gives PR pros a seat at the strategy table. By proving value, our efforts gain respect. We get a voice when planning strategy and tactics because we’re essential to overall business success.
  3. It ties PR activities to business outcomes. Understanding how our activities impact business outcomes enables us to monitor and refine our work, leading to greater awareness and interest and increased leads and sales.

Measuring efforts is incomplete without first-touch attribution data. What are you doing to monitor and glean insights into your brand’s touch points?

Learn more about how Cision can help your measurement efforts.

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