Beginnings are always the hardest. Facing the proverbial blank screen and searching for those first elusive words. The ones that convey the essence of your idea and set the exact tone you’re trying to achieve. Now, let’s mix in the added pressure of having to create beautiful and captivating visuals that not only bring your words to life, but make them soar.

It’s this scenario that led me to produce a multimedia ebook with advice from influencers on storytelling for the visual web.  As communicators, you know how to talk a good game. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and learn how to tell stories across multiple platforms that are creative, spellbinding and visual.

The new tabula rasa

When I was in grade six, my teacher marched into the classroom with a blank sheet of paper and screeched , “Does anyone know what this is?” Not knowing how to respond, we stared back at her with an expression of horror and shock. “This is a tabula rasa,” she roared.

“A clean slate. If I had trouble with any of you in the past, I’m wiping that away and giving you a chance to start again.”

That’s what communicators and PR professionals need: an electronic tabula rasa.

But we’re really good writers. Why do we need anything more?

You know how to create using words, but these days words alone don’t have the same impact as in the past. The world of blogs, apps, social networks and photo and video sharing has opened a whole new way for us to express ourselves using words plus images.

All the tools are there and many are FREE. Now we just need to take the time to play around with them and learn how to move beyond our textually-active selves. That’s what Martin Waxman’s ebook is all about — a primer in visual storytelling for writers and communicators. The tips apply whether you work in B2B or B2C, because in the end we are all working P2P: person to person. Reading, watching and listening to the content in the ebook will help you discover your own zen of content marketing and encourage you to embrace your inner Ps: publishing, producing and publicity.

Fix Your GPS: Get with the Pictures, Stupid

It’s time to switch our brain’s build-in remote to the visual imagination channel, wake up our inner child and go “back to the future” to create stories in technicolor and master how to engage, educate and entertain in words and pictures.

The DeLorean’s ready. Let’s drive!

Want to learn more about multimedia storytelling? Download the free ebook. 

About Martin Waxman

Waxman is a social media, content marketing and communications strategist. He conducts social media training and workshops and teaches digital strategy at University of Toronto. He is President of Martin Waxman Communications and one of the hosts of the Inside PR podcast. Waxman is a member of the South by Southwest Interactive Advisory Board and serves as chair-elect of PRSA Counselors Academy. Find him on Twitter @martinwaxman

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